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Maison L2 / Vincent Coste

Party Animal - Gucci Mane (Hudson Mohawke Remix)

Change - Hold Tight (Moods Edit)

Some feeeeeel good music for y’all to celebrate the good weather.
Free download, but be quick before the slots are gone.

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▶ Soulection ~ The Sound of Tomorrow
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◈ #WhiteLabelFriday

As we get ready for a busy summer, of spreading the sound of tomorrow across the globe, we can’t help but take a step back and bring you all the feel good, forward thinking music you know and love from Soulection. This installment of our White Label series comes from 18 year old London composer, songwriter, guitarist, singer & violinist, Tom Misch. We felt the need to list all of this in the description, because each track is such an audio masterpiece. This one is for everyone, but true fans of Dilla, and smooth, mellow, R&B inspired hip-hop beats, will definitely enjoy this release.

“Basically this EP is me attempting to make instrumentals that will effect people moods in a positive way but also make people think, all produced and recorded by myself in my bedroom. I’ve used a combination of obscure jazz samples but mostly live instrumentation that I’ve recorded, so I recored guitar, violin, bit of vocals and sound effects etc.” -Tom Misch

▶ Download Tom Misch’s latest release ‘Beat Tape 1’ via

◈ Make sure to catch up on our whole White label Series here:

◈ Executive Produced: Joe Kay
◈ Artwork: Andre Power!

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Shift K3y - Touch (Oxford Remix)

Dr. Fresch is back with more groovy music, this time with a double remix of both The Notorious BIG’s “Juicy” and Suzanne Vega’s “Tom’s Diner”. Download “Juicy Diner” for free from Dr. Fresch’s Facebook now!

“I felt a weird connection between these two songs and wanted to create a piece that reflected the vibes of both of these artists. I feel like the remix I came up represents angst, relaxation, and struggle at the same time.” - Dr. Fresch



House on the Cliff / Fran Silvestre Arquitectos.

From the architect: "Above, a shadow, the house itself, looking calmly at the Mediterranean. Under the sun, the swimming-pool brings us closer to the sea, it becomes a quiet cove. In the inflection point, the stairway proposes a evocative path, a garden in the basement."

La Perla Del Mediterráneo / Carlos Gilardi

La Perla Del Mediterráneo / Carlos Gilardi

Split View Mountain Lodge / Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter

From the architect. The holiday home is located near the village Geilo, a popular skiing destination in the valley Hallingdal. Ski resorts are abundant around the lodge, with a freestyle terrain park right next to the site. Out of winter season, the mountains provide excellent hiking opportunities as well as other sporting activities.